Disable field in Business Process Flow in D365 CE using JavaScript

Use case – Our requirement is to mark field Purchase time Frame disabled in Business process flow on change of disable field(custom field) on opportunity form.

Let’s see how we can achieve this

Solution –

Step 1 – Create web resource with below function-

Add header_process before schema name of field.

Here schema name of purchase time frame field is purchasetimeframe. And after adding header_process_purchasetimeframe

 var opportunityCustomization =
     disableField : function(executionContext)
         var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
         var disable = formContext.getAttribute("cf_disable").getValue();
         if (disable == true)

Step 2: Add this web resource on form load, on Save and on change of the field. And try

Output –

Hope this helps !

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