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Post Entity and its Relationship with Lead Entity

Problem Statement: We have a recent requirement, where we had to make an SSRS report that will display the latest post against a Lead.

Post as an Entity is not visible in customization, also in advance find of Lead, we do not have any related attributes from post. This makes it difficult to generate the query.



When we check the relationship between lead and POST, we find the below

The entity named Post regarding is not present in customization and neither is visible in Advanced Find.

If we check the advanced find for posts, we will not find any field that is providing related details of lead.

But if we go to edit columns and check the available columns, we will get a column named regarding.

We can use the below XML Query to generate our SSRS Report.


Conclusion: Some entities like POST,POST regarding  and their attributes are hidden in CRM. Metadata Document Generator in XRM Toolbox can be used to view these hidden entities and fields.


You can refer my blog Find hidden entities in CRM using metadata document generator from XRM Toolbox to know how to use Metadata Document Generator in XRM Toolbox.


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