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How to use LinkedObject property

There can be a case where developers might need to display data from different companies in NAV or Unique view of Tables displaying unique values of a table or Joins from Tables. In such cases, developers can use the “LinkedObject” property of a table.


  • VS Code
  • AL Language Extension
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Step 1:

Go to SQL Server Management Studio and create a view of the table from where you want to display field values.

Here I have created a view of Customer Table to display distinct Customer Names.

And saved the view as “AdityaCustomer” Company Name as the prefix.


Step 2:

Now, In NAV Development Environment create a table with the same as the view that has been

created, Do not include the company prefix. And add the field with the same name of the field included

in View.

Table in NAV


Linked Object Property

Step 3: 

When this Table is run, you can see distinct Customer names in the Table.


This way developers can display data from Views using LinkeObject property.

Hope this helps!

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