Customized Error Handling in TIBCO Scribe Insight

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Consider migrating the data from Microsoft dynamics CRM online to Microsoft dynamics GP.

Our goal is after the data migration is completed successfully, we want the result of the data migration (successful/failure) to go back to the source system.


  1. Scenario:

    1st block: We query the source account entity

    2nd block: We try to update/insert the target customer entity

    3rd block: We update the source account entity, based on the result of the 2nd block (success/ failure)

    4th block: We also update the target customer block based on the result of the 2nd block (success/ failure)

  2. In the target block (Update/Insert Customer), uncheck the error handling checkbox

    [Note: Error handling checkbox, is used to check if there are any fatal errors in the executions]


  3. After the data is inserted, we can have an update block for the source entity(Update account) that will write back the result (whether the data is successfully migrated or not) to the source system.


    In this example, GP2015_CustomerUpdateInsert is for inserting the data in the target system. As we can see in field’s column, we can capture information about the previous block by the highlighted fields, which can then be stored in the source system for tracking if the data went through.

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