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Time Based E-mail subscription in Power BI

Posted On February 17, 2019 by Admin Posted in 

Time based E-mail subscription feature is available for all Power BI Reports and Dashboards, For both in Power BI Pro and Premium Subscriptions.

Now, you can set up an email subscription to run daily, weekly or any specific day of the week. Also, you can schedule for a particular time of the day. You have the flexibility to set it on the schedule you need. Now you can schedule a data set refresh at certain time and you can schedule subscription on another time.

To set the Subscription, Click on the “Subscribe” button in toolbar above the dashboard or report.

You can create a new email subscription, or you can edit the existing subscription email. Now, we will see subscription by default as in time-based schedule.

Refer below screen capture:

Now you have option to select frequency option as Daily, Weekly and After data refresh (once daily).

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