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Creating a SQL Connection in SSIS

Posted On February 25, 2021 by Yogesh Gore Posted in 

First you need to have a database already if you don’t you can download a sample adventureworks2016.bak database or any other data base.

  • Open SSMS
  • Select windows authentication
  • In the object explorer right click on databases, then click on Restore Database

In the window which appears select device and then click on elipses …

  • After clicking ellipses click on Add and select the location of the .bak file
  • After selecting the location of the file click on it and select ok OR Create an own data base table
  • Open SSIS
  • And create / open an existing integration project
  • Select connection manager on the right in solution explorer
  • Right click on it and select new connection
  • This window appears in this window select OLEDB

Click on ADD and then this window appears

  • Here click on new
  • Select the provider
  • And type the server name used in SSMS

Select database from dropdown

Click on test connection to check if everything is good

  • Click on ok
  • The new connection can be seen in connection manager

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