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Triggering Azure Pipeline from on premise SQL Server

In this blog, we are going to Trigger ADF Pipeline whenever there is insert or update operation is performed on on-premise SQL Server. Steps: Create ADF Pipeline.In this case we have already created Pipeline. And below is Dataflow. Create PowerShell Script (for Authentication and Triggering Pipeline).Below is the code for authentication and triggering of Pipeline, … Continue reading Triggering Azure Pipeline from on premise SQL Server

Creating Azure blob container

Azure blob container is a service for storing large amount of unstructured object data, text files or binary. We can publicly expose or can use blob storage privately. Below are the steps to create Azure blob container: Go to Storage account, select storage account (In this case cloudstorage123) > overview and click on containers. When … Continue reading Creating Azure blob container

Generating Azure Blob file SAS key using Azure SDK

Why do we need SAS key for Blob File? Azure Blob is massively scalable object storage for unstructured data. Blob Storage can handle all your unstructured data, scaling up or down as your needs change. You no longer have to manage it You only pay for what you use and you save money over on-premises … Continue reading Generating Azure Blob file SAS key using Azure SDK



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