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Extend a User-Created Table

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central allows extending Pre-defined Tables, which is basically Customization and it is achieved using Extensions. Using Extensions developers can modify Pre-defined Tables according to requirements. But the extension of a Table can be done only if its “Extensible” property is set as True. This property is by default set as True for Tables.
Now suppose a developer wants to extend a table that is created.


  • VS Code
  • AL Language Extension
  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Central


Step 1:

Set the Extensible property of the Table that is supposed to be extended as shown below:
In this case, the table to be extended is “Properties”.


Extensible Property

Step 2:

Now go to Extension Management and get the AppID, Publisher, Name of App and Version as shown below:


App Details

Put the above details of App in the dependencies section of the new extension where the table is to be extended as shown below and download symbols:



Step 3:

You can see that the “Properties” table is now available for extension. Here I have added a field “Extended Name” in the Properties Table. Also, that field can now be seen by accessing Properties Table by URL.


Extended Table


Thank you.

Hope this helps!

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