Adding “Change Password” in Profile Navigation of D365 Portal.


This blog explains how we can add “Change Password” in the Profile navigation of the D365 Portal.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Go to Weblink sets 🡪 Profile Navigation
  2. Open Profile Navigation record

3. Click on the “Links” tab.

Add “+ New Web Link”

4. Add below details in the form

Name: Change Password 

Web Link Set: Profile Navigation 

Publishing State: Published 

External URL: 

<portal url>/en-US/Account/Manage/ChangePassword

Display Order: 2

5. Save the record.

6. Now you can see the “Change Password” option in the profile navigation of the portal.

NOTE: if you don’t see the changes clear the cache of the portal and check again.

– Click on “Change Password” and it will navigate you to the page below.

– You can change your password from here.

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