One invoice against Multiple Purchase Order in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations


In Many scenario vendors send one invoice for multiple purchase order. In below article explain how to create single invoice for multiple purchase order.


  1. Create Two Purchase orders for same vendor.
    1. PO 1st : Quantity-50, price-25
    2. PO 2nd: Quantity- 15, Price-20
  2. Select PO’s for which you want to create invoice
  3. Click on Invoice button in Invoice tab.
  4. Enter the same Invoice number for two Purchase orders.
  5. Click on Consolidate Invoice button and select Invoice account in summary update field. And click on consolidate.
  6. One Invoice will create for two Purchase order
  7. Click on Post button to post the Invoice.
  8. Click on Invoice journal button to check invoice line for multiple PO
  9. Click on line to check invoice lines for multiple PO


This functionality is useful for create single invoice from multiple Purchase orders.

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