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Table Browser Extension for Google Chrome | D365

Now table browser becomes much easier for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Here you go with Google Chrome Extension – Table browser caller for D365FO. It’s very easy to install and use it. After installing the extension to the browser, it appears on the top bar and looks like

While clicking on the extension, You can find the tab named with config where you need to put the URL of the respective environment and save it.

Once config is setup, you need to go to the main tab that is Table Browser Caller as shown in above figure where you would setup mainly: 

  • Search for table name: name of the table
  • Company Id: name of the legal entity 

After that, you need to find the table in the search box and just press the Enter key.

And you will be redirected to the table in the new tab. 

In addition, Table browser has also few other features like

  • Browse all table lists 
  • Browse all data entities  

1. For getting the list of tables you need to click on Table list:

Result as, 

2. For getting the list of data entities you need to click on Data entities

Result as, 

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