10 Best Practices for implementing HTML web resources with Dynamics 365 CRM

Posted On November 25, 2019 by Admin Posted in 
    1. Do not use any CDN links for any .js or .css file, include them in your own project.
    2. Do not give multiple references of any .js or .css file on the same HTML.
    3. If any .js or .css file is going to be used on multiple Html web resources, then keep them at one common location and include the same URL reference on all the HTML page, do not try to create same web resources repeatedly.
    4. Always try to write minimum codes and re-use the code where possible.
    5. Always try to use objects where possible.
    6. Minimize the use of global variables (use local variables).
    7. Avoid multiple API hits try to get maximum data in a single hit where possible.
    8. Use joins in fetch XML queries to get data from all the related entity to avoid multiple API hits.
    9. Use Try and catch for exception handling.
    10. Minify .js and .css file before releasing the same on production.

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