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Cause and Solution for Scribe MSMQ not receiving Message from AX


Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) service running on Server might be unable to receive messages. Therefore, messages stay in “Waiting to connect” state in the outgoing queue of the sending computers.


Issue occurs on 2 scenarios-

  1. During computer start, MSMQ service tries to bind to machine IP for listening which is still not acquired by DHCP. This might happen when DHCP takes some time acquiring IP due to any network latency or service start timing between DHCP and MSMQ. In this case MSMQ starts listening to the loopback address i.e.
  2. DHCP acquired IP correctly and MSMQ listening on that IP as well. However, at some later point, DHCP IP renewal happens and now machine IP is different from the last one. In this case MSMQ is still listening on the older IP. So, when a new message comes for any old IP, it is never seen by MSMQ service.

Verify Scenario:

  1. In Command Prompt, type following command and check the result
    netstat –abno | findstr 1801
  2. If the system is facing this problem, output resembles the following in first scenario:
    TCP [::1]:1801 [::]:0 LISTENING xxxx
  3. Output resembles the following in second scenario:
    TCP y.y.y.y:1801 LISTENING xxxx

    where, y.y.y.y is the IP address which MSMQ port is listening to but this is different from the IP it should listen to.


  1. Restart Message Queuing Service
  2. If Point 1 don’t resolve the issue, Install this Metadata hotfix.

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