Timezone effect on Work Hours


Work Hours mentioned under a User/Bookable Resource aren’t the same as they show. Ever wondered what is Cross Day on Work Hours for a Bookable Resources in Dynamics 365 PSA or Field Service? Or even User record for that matter? And why not the actual Work Hours a resource is set to?

You should see this –

instead of this –


So, The Bookable Resource’s time zone is GMT.

And so is the same time zone of the logged in user i.e. GMT.

In that case, you’ll see the actual time set for the user i.e. 8am to 5pm.

But, let’s say, you are in a different time zone – Sydney, for example.

And you are viewing Work Hours for a Bookable Resource who was set in some other time zone, their time conversion to your time will result in “crossing the day” over and hence, you see “Cross Day”.

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