Shift/Statement Posting Error in Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Retail

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail Management Solution is an end to end or complete retail solution that every business need to have. It provides unified commerce solutions to retailers in all the channels, such as mobility, intelligence, sales, and productivity. Retailers can do a wide range of activities using this particular software. This solution helps customers to have an immersive experience.

Retailers achieve a lot when they use Microsoft dynamics 365 for retail as people can do most of the things on the cloud. It increases the efficiency of the workers that are using this software. It is a SaaS solution that Microsoft is hosting. It is one of those solutions that retailers and their staff will love using.

In this blog I am going to demonstrate how to deal with errors generated during statement posting. At times while you are posting a shift/statement, you may run into number of different errors. You may need to resolve them on your own. However, sometimes the error occurs because of a bug as shown in this article.

It is asking you to run a validate store transactions job. Run the job, however the error message may not go away. If  this error message does not go away than it’s more like  a bug than an error.  You need to contact Microsoft and raise a ticket . They can resolve this error in a day or two.

As you can see here shift 2637 is still unposted i.e. no right tick in the posted column next to it. It won’t let you post it even if you create a new statement and try to post it. The reason could be that the statement containing it is not posted yet.  Go to statements and find the unposted statement and try to post it. Issue should be resolved.

Hope this helps!

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