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HTML loading issue in Tablet version of Dynamics 365 Sales

Posted On March 10, 2018 by Subhash Mahato Posted in 


Html web resources are not loading properly on tablet version of Dynamics 365 sales.


We were working on custom html page which needs to be shown on tablet version of Dynamics 365. After the completion of development, we start testing. During testing some time html page was loading properly and sometime not. We thought this might be due to current changes in the customization. After, development was completed we start getting loading issue and we could not find why we are not able to load the form.

We tried various approach to resolve this issue but we were not able to find the exact cause of not loading the html page on the tablet version.

We noticed that this weird behaviours start coming when there is any customization done at CRM level.

We also noticed that if you uninstall and reinstall the app it starts working fine but this is not a feasible solution to work every time to install and uninstall the app.


We registered this case with Microsoft and we also tried every possible solution to work on this but this was still not resolving.

Microsoft internally tried to replicate the issue and they said that-

“Based on our investigation result, The root cause of this issue is that ‘this.LoadFinished();’ under CustomEventHandlersManager.cs is not being done when reproducing, hence the iframe would not be able to load.

We have two ways you could try to resolve the issue:

Option 1:

Try to make form dirty and publish it again through form editor. The way we could make it dirty could be ‘Add a hidden field’, ‘Switch any two field like name and owner, then switch back’

Option 2:

Other then way 1, user could visit any linked field on the form, like Owner, lookup field, then navigate back through top left navigation button

If we go to option 2 and open another form, then it will hit loadFinished, when come back, the iframe loads well.

The CustomScriptsContainerViewModel libraryNames not loaded are [“msdyn_/libraries/require/require.js”, “SystemUser_main_system_library.js”]

Static names are [“/_static/_common/scripts/BusinessRulesExecution.js”,”_static/_common/scripts/BusinessRuleExecution.js”]

So finally, 2nd approached work for me. This is still and open case with Microsoft.


Hope this may help those who are facing the issue of HTML page loading on Tablet App on Android/iPad.
I will update this post if I get a solution from Microsoft.

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