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Increase number of Tab and Fields on tables

Posted On May 10, 2017 by Subhash Mahato Posted in 


The tablet app for Dynamics CRM have limits that allows only number of fields, tab and grid that can be view on form. The current limitation are as below,

  1. 75 fields
  2. 10 Grids
  3. 5 Tabs


This limitation is put to increase the performance of CRM while using on phone or tables but what If you are using CRM online and you have more than 75 fields on the form than you will not be able to see the fields which falls after that on tablets. Similarly, if you have more than 5 tabs than you will able see only first 5 tab in the tablets.


CRM includes organization settings that can increase these limits. These changes cannot be done directly. You can change these settings using the OrgDBOrgSettings tool, available with any update rollup download.

You can download the tool from given link:

You need to import the managed solution into the CRM and Once the import is successful you will able to see the solution.

Open the solution and you will able to see the organization setting cannot be changes directly

We will change the setting for the for the tablet setting as shown below

You can change the setting as below

  1. Max fields =500
  2. Max grids=50
  3. Tabs=50

Hope this helps, while designing tablets forms


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