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How to create AX (D365 F&0) Connection in SSIS


Creating a Connection is one of the first Steps during integration of data. While performing Integration with AX or more specifically Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations create a connection using the following steps.

Step 1:

Right Click on Connection Managers and click on New Connection Manager.

Choose the Dynamics CRM option.

Step 2:

Choose the SOAP 2011 Option for Service Endpoint option.

Step 3:

Choose the Online Federation for Authentication Type option.

Step 4:

In the CRM Discovery Option copy the endpoint address from Settings > Customizations > Developer Resources > Copy Endpoint Address.

Step 5:

Paste this in CRM Discovery Section. Enter the Username and Password of your CRM account.

Step 6:

Choose the required organization from the dropdown.

Step 7:

Click on Test Connection and then OK after successful testing.


Thus we have successfully created a connection with Dynamics CRM and we can now Integrate data using it a source /destination.

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