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Create a Custom Real-time Loader Control in Canvas PowerApps

In Canvas PowerApps, we usually show an image that lies over the screen until an execution is completed. But tracking real-time update might be confusing.

I’ll show you a simple custom loading control that not only show execution status but also look good and is highly customizable.

Here’s a preview how it will look

Fig 1: Custom Loader Control

(Note: Determine your layout before hand like X,Y, Height and Width)
(Customize your look, I’ve added dots above just for demonstration purpose.)
How to make this,

Elements used visually are,

  1. Create a Rectangle as main background and set Height, Width, X and Y. (I’ve used light grey color)
  2. Insert another Rectangle to show loading animation which will fit inside main Rectangle.
    Determine its Height, Width, X and Y.
  3. Label control to show current status or add a simple static label.
  4. Gallery Control having circle in them i.e.: Dots (Optional, I used to show how i retrieve data as its similar to Navigation Screen Gallery Control used in 1 of predefined template in Canvass PowerApps)
//Fill Property of circle inside gallery control representing dots.
If(Or(ThisItem.Step = 0 && IsBlank(Temp), ThisItem.Step = Temp), RGBA(128, 128, 128, 1), RGBA(0,0,0,0))

Functionality behind used are,

  • Gallery Control under ‘Items’ I’ve added table. (Based on your content, keep total count of steps you would like to see in loading page. In my case, i have 6 steps)
        Step: 0,
        Text: "Collecting your data and uploading to server."
        Step: 1,
        Text: "Verifying content and checking duplicates..."
        Step: 2,
        Text: "Applying Algorithms.."
        Step: 3,
        Text: "Processing..."
        Step: 4,
        Text: "Updating dependencies !"
        Step: 5,
        Text: "Almost completed... please wait!"
        Step: 6,
        Text: "Completed Successfully !"
  • Label Control that shows current status based on current step.
If(IsBlank(Temp), First(XGal.AllItems).Text, LookUp(XGal.AllItems, Step = Temp).Text)
  • Rectangle with loading animation.
    (Note: Your step count and width may vary)
//Width Property
Temp/<number of Steps> * <Total Width when loading is complete>
//I have used,
Temp/6 * 682

//Fill Property
If(Temp = <Last Step>, RGBA(50, 128, 50, 1), RGBA(128, 128, 128, 1))

Now you may have a button that will call list of execution that you will perform.
To track every successful completion of process just add this,

UpdateContext({Temp: Temp+1})
<Your code>
UpdateContext({Temp: Temp+1})
<Your code>
UpdateContext({Temp: Temp+1})
<Your Code>
UpdateContext({Temp: Temp+1})
.... and so on till you complete your max step count.

Later reset count and turn visibility off.
(Note: This is re-usable and can be used as component.)

Hope this helps.

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