Hide Profile Section from Power Apps Portal Header Navigation Bar

Posted On December 7, 2022 by Vidit Gholam Posted in  Tagged in

The Power Apps Portals Primary Navigation Header always has a section to the profile page as shown in the snapshot below.  

It is possible to disable this by adding a Web Page Access Control Rule, this will restrict read access to the profile page, but what if you don’t want to remove the read access and you only want to remove the Profile Section from the header, here is how to do it. 

The Primary Navigation or Navigation on the portal is a part of the portal’s Header Component, this header component comes from the Header Web Template, It is not possible to edit this template from the Power Apps Portal Studio. To be able to edit this template we will have to use the portal management app 

Step 1: Go to Portal Management App, under templates search for Header Template. 

Step 2: at line number 104 or after line number 95 search for Class “dropdown-menu” in an unordered list (ul) and comment the below code. 

Ding!! We have done it. 

Hope this helps 😉!

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