Quick Tip: How to get a quick Pop-up on a control which holds a detailed information than its size on screen in PowerApps

Hi Everyone,

Isn’t it annoying that you have a text field in your Canvas App which holds a huge information to fit in a small space?
There’s a quick solution which you can use to show a mini pop-up by an out-of-the-box feature.

Let’s consider an example of where we have a paragraph in a text field then we have output is to be displayed with a limited height and width on the screen.

Fig 1: This is a TextInput control where we have a detailed information.
Fig 2: This is a normal label/text field control which has limited height and width. (Especially in scenarios like gallery records)
Fig 3: This is a ComboBox control with DisplayMode set to View and the DefaultSelectedItems property is set as [TextInput.Text]
We can see that when having more data, we can click more and see the entire information.

Hope this quick tip helped you in your scenario.

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