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Sort records in Cloud flows

In this blog we will see how we can sort list records in Cloud flows

Lets say we want to retrieve all accounts on created by ascending.

There are two ways to sort list of records in Cloud flows

  1. Order By –
  2. Fetch Xml –
  1. Order By –

Use List Records step in Common Data Service Connector where all you need to specify is field schema name and Order (Asc/ Desc )

Syntax – Schema_Name asc/desc

2. Fetch XML

We can use Fetch XML to retrieve only the attribute that you need based on Condition that can be easily added using advanced find.

While adding condition we can specify the order in Fetch XML

1. Click on Configure Sorting

2. Add Sorting – Sort By -> Ascending Order

 and then download Fetch XML.

Below is the downloaded Fetch XML –

3. Use this Fetch XML in Flow

Hope this helps !

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