How to silent sync SharePoint Team Sites Library using Intune

Many of us who are using SharePoint Online for Document Management as using the manual method for syncing the Document Libraries on our devices. Here we can leverage Intune Administrative Template.

Administrative Templates are responsible to facilitate the management of registry-based policies that allows configuring many settings on Windows machine. With the availability of these Administrative Templates in Intune for Windows 10, it is helping Administrators to easily manage applications on Windows 10 or later devices using device configuration profiles.

Profiles in Intune lets you configure settings and then push them to the devices in an organization.

In this article, we will see how to silently sync SharePoint Online Document Libraries via Intune Administrative Template.


  1. Devices must be Joined to Azure AD.
  2. If you have on-premises environment that uses AD, you can enable Hybrid AD Join.

Enabling the Sync:

  1. Login to Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center (
  2. Under Devices, go to Configuration Profiles and then click Create Profile.

  3. Select Windows 10 and later as Platform and Profile will be Administrative Template. Click Create.

  4. Enter a Name for the Profile and optionally a Description. Click Next.

  5. Under Computer Configuration, search for team site and then select ‘configure team site libraries to sync automatically’.

  6. Get Library ID from SharePoint Online Document Library, the instructions to get the ID will be given in the setting itself.

  7. Once the library ID is copied, go to the setting, and click Enable. You will also need to provide the Library Name and the Library ID which you copied.

  8. Once the Settings are configured, click Next and go to Assignments.
  9. Under Assignments, you need to select a Group, if you want to assign this profile to specific set of people. You may also choose All users or All Devices.

  10. Once selected, click Next, Review, and create the Profile.

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