How to import an already existing Logic App Template in Azure Logic App

If you earlier have exported a Logic app template for further use and deleted that logic app, then below are the steps to import an already existing Logic app template as a Logic app.

  • Open any Logic app. For example, I took the below logic app.
  • Go to Export Template.
  • Click on Deploy
  • Click on Edit Template
  • Click on Load File.
  • Select the template you want to import.
  • Change the name to whatever you want. Here I will keep it as it is and Copy the name for further use.
  • Copy the Name and click on Save.
  • Check this page if it’s the same name and resource group as desired.
  • Click on Review and Create. And then again, click on Create to create the Logic app.

Now the Logic app template is imported and ready to use.

I hope this was helpful.

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