How to resolve Error: Report _ does not have a layout of type None


Have you ever faced the error: “Report ___ does not have a layout of type None.”

Here’s how you can resolve it.


Business Central OnCloud/OnPrem



With the earlier versions of Business Central, you were allowed to run a report without specifying a layout, even if it was not a processing only report.

However with the recent version of Business Central it is mandatory to specify both the “DefaultLayout” and the path to the layout via the “RDLCLayout” or “WordLayout” or “ExcelLayout” properties.

Once these properties are the defined the error is resolved.

Furthermore you can also resolve this error by using the report rendering section which has been made available since runtime 9.0.

However be sure to define the “DefaultRenderingLayout” property for the report to specify which of the layouts defined should be considered as default.


Thus we saw how we can resolve the error: “Report ___ does not have a layout of type None.”

Happy Coding!

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