How to Undo and then Redo Quantity Posting on a Posted Return Shipments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

There are so many different ERP systems in the world. ERP simply means an enterprise resource planning system. While there is stiff competition, Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration is one of the best ERP systems that companies love using. It is because of numerous features that it offers to its clients.

One of the reasons why people like it is because this ERP system allows you to sync their ERP with all other systems out there with ease. There is no need to touch any buttons to make this happen. The other name for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Now, this is one of the many products that are part of the vast Microsoft Dynamics family.


In this blog, I will demonstrate how to Undo and then Redo Quantity Posting on a Posted Return Shipments in Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central.

This functionality is useful if user ships the wrong quantity or selected the wrong item for Purchase Return Order.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

NOTE: You cannot undo a posting if purchase credit memo is posted.
1. In the search option, enter Posted Purchase Return Shipment and then choose the related link.

2. Open the Posted Purchase Return Shipment that you want to undo.

3. Select the Posted Purchase Return Shipment Lines that you want to undo.


4. In Lines, click on Function button and choose to Undo return shipment action.
5. Choose Yes in pop up box.
6. A corrective line inserted under the selected Return Shipment Line.
7. The Return Quantity Shipped field on the related Purchase Order will be set blank once undo receipts.
8. Open the return order in question, and then choose the Reopen action.
9. Correct the entry in the Quantity field and Post the Purchase Return Order again.

The functionality helps the user to reverse the Purchase return shipment so the user can Post Purchase Return Order with correction.

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