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Stay updated using the “Follow” Capability in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Posted On March 28, 2019 by Clinton D'Mello Posted in  Tagged in


In this blog we will take a look at how we can follow records automatically in Dynamics 365. As the name suggested when we follow any particular record, we can get details of that record in our activity feed. This can then be displayed on the dashboards in CRM. Following a record can also be done automatically based on come criteria.


Step 1: For this demonstration we will look at a case where I would like to follow a lead only when the Rating of that lead turns to “Hot”.

Step 2: First we create a workflow on Lead Entity as shown below

Workflow steps Follow

Below is the configuration of Create Follow record properties

Create Follow Properties

Here on update of the field Rating, we check if the rating is “Hot”,  if true then to follow the record we create a follow record

Step 3: Now we change the Rating of the Lead “Darren Parker” from “Warm” to “Hot”.

Setting Rating as Hot for a Lead

Step 4: If we refresh the page we will see the Unfollow button is present, as the record is already followed.

Unfollow Option

Step 5: In the View > Leads I Follow, we can see the followed Lead

Leads I Follow View

Step 6: If someone creates posts on this record, it will be shown on my timeline. Here I have added the Timeline view on the Sales Overview Dashboard and we can see I am able to view the post as this record is followed.

Post on My Timeline

In my next blog we will look at how we can create automatic posts to view specific details of the followed records on your dashboard.

Hope this helped!

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