Delegated Resource error for making time entries in D365 PSA 2.x version

Have you been added as a Delegate for a fellow colleague but not able to Read, Create or Submit Time Entries on their behalf?

Let us see what you are missing.


  1. William Contoso wants to make Veronica Quek as his Delegate and let her enter time on his behalf.
  2. Let’s say William added Resource Veronica Quek as the Delegate above.

Error for the Delegate Resource:

Now, Veronica is attempting to do time entries for William by going to Time Entry Calendar view and switching the user to William.

  1. And when Veronica wants to enter time as William, she’d switch to the User on the Time Entries Calendar View like this –
  2. But, see this error and she don’t know what the issue might be. Even though she’s the Delegate!

Missing Security Role:

Yes, this is the first thing you should check.

Veronica Quek is missing a Delegate Security Role in PSA to be able to make time entries on behalf of other users.
Assign Delegate security role to the user to make them enter time on behalf of others.

And thus, your Delegated User should be good to make time entries.

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