Tender-based discounts in Dynamics 365 Commerce(Retail)

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Some Retailers may want to encourage customers to pay via cash in their Retail stores. This can be made possible by offering discounts to customers if they pay by a Cash mode of payment. In this way, they can help reduce the expense of credit card processing fees. Therefore, retailers might provide discounts to customers who use these alternative tender types. In Dynamics 365 Commerce (Retail) a new type of discount has been introduced which is called as tender based discount.

In tender based discounts, as a Retailer you are able to give different discounts based on the payment medium the customer has chosen to pay.

Even though tender-based discounts reduce the subtotal of the transaction, automatic charges that are applied to the transaction aren’t affected. For example, if the delivery charges are calculated as $5 because the subtotal was more than $100, and the tender-based discount reduces the amount so that it’s less than $100, the delivery charges are still $5 for the order.

In the system you can go to Retail>Pricing and discounts >Tender discount. Here you can set up the parameter as required, add price groups and then run necessary jobs to apply it in Retail POS.

In the below example the payment type selected is Cash. You can select any type of method as per your need.

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