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Dynamics 365 Connected Store

In retail, success relies on a consistent customer experience across web, mobile and physical storefronts. The challenge for omni-channel retailers is ensuring the same level of service and convenience in physical locations as online—from stocking the same variety of inventory to offering personalized recommendations based on browsing and buying behaviour. Dynamics 365 Connected Store is … Continue reading Dynamics 365 Connected Store

Hide non-carrier delivery modes from the shipping options in POS

This topic describes a configuration option that is available for the point of sale (POS) application. This configuration option changes the behaviour     for the selection of a mode of delivery when shipment orders are created in POS. When users create customer shipment orders in POS, they can select a mode of delivery for the shipment. … Continue reading Hide non-carrier delivery modes from the shipping options in POS

Clienteling in Dynamics 365 Retail (Commerce)

Many retailers, especially high-end specialty retailers, want their sales associates to form long-term relationships with their key customers. The associates are expected to know about these customers’ likes and dislikes, purchase history, product preferences, and important dates, such as anniversaries and birthdays. Associates need a place where they can capture this information and easily find … Continue reading Clienteling in Dynamics 365 Retail (Commerce)

Tender-based discounts in Dynamics 365 Commerce(Retail)

Some Retailers may want to encourage customers to pay via cash in their Retail stores. This can be made possible by offering discounts to customers if they pay by a Cash mode of payment. In this way, they can help reduce the expense of credit card processing fees. Therefore, retailers might provide discounts to customers … Continue reading Tender-based discounts in Dynamics 365 Commerce(Retail)



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