Use of shared shift in a store with two or more terminals in D365 for Retail

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A “shared shift” configuration lets retailers have a single shift across multiple registers, cash drawers, and users. A shared shift has a single starting amount and a single closing amount that are summarized across all cash drawers. In this scenario, a separate cash drawer isn’t reserved for each register. Instead, all registers can share one cash drawer.

Note: Before using shared shift make sure that all the existing shifts at all the POS terminals of the store are closed.


  1. Login with user id at the main MPOS terminal.
  2. Open a new shift
  3. Now login at all the other terminals of the store
  4. Select the option: Resume an Existing Shift
  5. Perform Sales and other functions on all the devices
  6. End of the day before closingthe shifts Make sure that all the users have logged off from the other terminals except Main MPOS.
  7. On the Main POS: Close the shift.

Using Shared shift all the transactions done across the store would be captured under one shift.

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