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Create Custom Recommendation on Form within Canvas Power Apps

Hello, everyone!

We know that Recommendations are created using Business Rules, but that only works on Model Driven Apps.
As a result, we’ll develop Custom Recommendations that are flexible and customizable to our needs and enhance our App.

This is how the Custom Recommendation looks,

Let’s start with a simple use case,
I want to set ‘Preferred Method of Contact’ field as Phone when User enters data within ‘Phone’ field within the App.

Step 1: Add an Edit Form in Canvas Power Apps where the Recommendation would be applied.

Step 2: Within Form properties,

  1. Click on Edit Fields
  2. Add Custom DataCard.
  3. Drag your Card below the DataCard where you need Recommendations.

Step 3: Within the Custom DataCard, enter necessary information that you like in your App and use below condition.

//Visible property on [Custom Card]
If(!IsBlank(DataCardValue3.Text) , true, false)

Step 4: For Apply button, I’m using context variables that sets true when click and remains until record is saved or the current screen is Active.

//OnClick [Button]
UpdateContext({varRecomPhone: true})

//OnClick [Back Button/Previous Screen]
UpdateContext({varRecomPhone: Blank()});

Step 5: For changing values in my combo box on field ‘Preferred method of contact’.
Note: Based on your requirement, this will change…

//DefaultSelectedItems [Control - combo box]
If(!varRecomPhone, [Parent.Default], {Value: 'Preferred Method of Contact (Contacts)'.Phone} )

That’s all.

Hope this helps you.

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