How to Attach Word Template to Notes of record Automatically


In this blog, we will look into How to Create Word Template Automatically and attach it to Notes.

Steps to attach Word Template Using Workflow

  1. Navigate to Solution > Processes > Click on New > Enter your Process name, Select Workflow as your Category, Enter your Entity (Account), Check the button (Run this Workflow in the background) > Click on OK
  2. I have created a Custom Field as Status. I want this workflow to run when this field is updated, So Check the Record fields change > Select the Status Field
  3. State the condition on which you want to trigger the workflow.
  4. Select Perform action > Select Action(Set Word Template) > Click on Set Properties
  5. Select your Word Template in “SelectedTemplate” and in Target select the “Entity”.

  6. If you cannot set Entity Name in “Target” make sure “Business process flows” properties of that entity is enabled.

  7. Save the Word Template

  8. Activate the Workflow.


    Update the Status field

    Automatically the Note is created with word template

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