Overview of Modern POS with Retail Store Scale Unit (RSSU)

Retail Store Scale Unit allows retailers to sell products within store locations that have internet connectivity issues, where it fails to connect with headquarters (HQ).

Retail Store Scale Unit support both Modern POS and Cloud POS within the store.

MPOS with Retail Store Scale Unit allows users to perform cross-terminal scenarios across multiple POS devices, like

  • Suspend Shift
  • Close Shift
  • Blind Close Shift
  • Manage Shift
  • Inventory Lookup
  • Stock Count
  • Print X-Report
  • Print Z-Report

whereas Cloud-based MPOS offline fails to perform these operations.

MPOS with Retail Store Scale Unit fails to perform real-time operations such as

  • Issue/pay Gift Cards
  • Issue Loyalty Card
  • Picking and Receiving
  • Pay by Customer Account
  • Credit Card transactions
  • Order Fulfillment
  • View/Create Time clock entries

unless there is internet connectivity to HQ or a payment provider.

If most of your transactions involve real-time transactions, then your Store Scale Unit will always need internet connectivity to enable the connection to HQ or payment provider.

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