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Import Bulk Data using Excel Template in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

To keep track of all your customer data in one place, you may want to import contacts, leads, or other record types into Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (on-premises) from other sources, such as from an email program, a spreadsheet, or your phone.

In this blog we will be looking on how to import bulk data from excel and populating it in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Use Case:

Importing Bulk amount of Leads into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Step 1 : How to download a template for data import

Go to Settings > Data Management > Templates for Data Import.

Select the entity that you want to import the data for from the drop down list, then click Download.

(Note) You can use a text file, a compressed zip file, an Excel spreadsheet, or Excel workbook to do the data import.

The template will have the fields of that particular entity as the columns to be filled by the user.

Adding all the details for the lead to be imported.

Step 2 : How to import leads with a template

Go to Settings > Data Management > Imports.

Click on Import Data > Browse.

Choose the file you’d like to upload, then click Next.

In this example, I used Lead.xls.

(Note) If you used a template for the lead upload, your data will automatically be mapped. If not, see Above for how to get a template for the upload.

4.) Set the owner on the Review Settings and Import Data screen, then click Submit.

Once submitted, your lead will show up on the My Imports leads screen. When the upload is completed, the status will show as “Submitted.”

5.) Open Dynamics CRM to see whether the data has been imported or not as in the excel sheet.

You can further use this according to your requirement either to import Accounts, Contacts and for many other Entities related customizations.

Hope this helps !

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