Run/Enable Customer Engagement SSRS Reports on Mobile App Android / iPad


Customer engagement apps running on a web browser on an iOS or Android tablet provides a similar experience to using it with a web browser on your desktop or laptop computer. However, some features are not available on the mobile app or mobile web browser out of which one is running SSRS reports.

Lets say we need to run a Sales History report as below on web application.

But on mobile but there is not Reports Menu/Button on mobile application.

We can use the following work around with Model Driven apps.

Step :1 Run the Report 1st time on the web browser and copy the URL.Step

Step : 2 Open App designer

Step: 3 Create a URL Menu Submenu Item and paste the about URL in the URL field.

Step: 4 Save and Publish the app and you can see the same menu appearing on the mobile app


Run the report and it will open on the mobile browse you may continue with the same login credentials.


Hope this helps!

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