Hiding Filter Pane in Power BI Reports

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While viewing reports in Power BI service/ Power BI Desktop, Power BI provides a feature to eliminate the filter pane completely in order to provide a professional look.

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Filter pane is visible at right-hand side. The end-user can access it.

Here are the ways to Hiding Filter Pane in Power BI reports.

1.Show/Hide the filter pane from report readers.

By default, the Filters pane is visible to the end-users. If we don’t want them to see it, we can select the eye icon next to Filters and hide it.

The eye icon allows to either view/hide the filter pane.
Strike-off the eye-icon to prevent viewing the filter pane.

2. Turning on/off the filters from Settings.


  1. Open the Power BI Report in the desired workspace and go to the content section.
  2. Select More options (…), then select Settings for that report.
  3. Go to the Filtering Experience and disable both the options to hide the filter pane.
This setting is ON by-default
Turn OFF this setting under filtering experience.
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Output:- The Filter pane is eliminated now.

3. Showing the desired filters in a user-friendly manner:

We can select the filters which we want to display to the end-user depending on the users requirement. Hover-over the filter icon on the right-hand corner to view the read-only filters.

Whichever filter we do not want to display to the user, we can hide them in the filter section of the report.

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Read-only filters
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Hide the filters you do not wish to show the end-users.

Hope this helps!

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