Business Central Wave 2 Features - Section 3 - CloudFronts

Business Central Wave 2 Features – Section 3

1. Saving and personalizing list views.

Suppose we want to switch between pages and we want to add filters, so to achieve this we have to add filters every time we come back to that page, this feature was not available in the previous version of Business Central but now it has been added by the developers. We can save a combination of filters as our view and access it again and again.


2. Personalize actions and navigation on your Home page

With the Business Central Wave 2 Release users can easily add their desired pages to their Role centers, making these pages easily accessible to the user.

3. Design for Extensibility.

Users can adjust actions and action groups on their Role Center. Adjust the navigation menu items and grouping on a Role Center. Customize user profiles by designing page changes that will apply only to a specific profile in your extension.

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