D365 FO: Different ways to deploy SSRS Reports

There are two ways to deploy the SSRS reports in D365 for finance and operation.

The first choice would be to deploy the report directly from Visual Studio.

  1. Open the Build menu, click Deploy. Alternatively, in Solution Explorer, right-click the report project and then click Deploy.
  2. In Solution Explorer, right-click the report and then click Deploy

Lastly, we can deploy the reports using PowerShell.

Open Windows PowerShell in Admin mode and execute the below commands as per requirement.

  1. For deploying all SSRS reports
    K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\Plugins\AxReportVmRoleStartupTask\DeployAllReportsToSSRS.ps1 -PackageInstallLocation “K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory”
  2. For deploying the specific report
    K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\Plugins\AxReportVmRoleStartupTask\DeployAllReportsToSSRS.ps1 -Module ApplicationSuite -ReportName <ReportName> -PackageInstallLocation “K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory”
    (Replace <ReportName> with required report name such as RetailLabel.Report or *Retail* – this will deploy all reports containing ‘Retail’ in report name)

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