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Folder Based E-mail Tracking in CRM 2015 Spring Update

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Problem Statement

Sales people work for multiple opportunities simultaneously and they maintain all their e-mail communications folder wise in their mailbox. Sales people uses CRM to track their opportunity/lead/account/contact data and uses their E-mail app to communicate with users through e-mail.

Now, sales people wants to track those e-mails in CRM & also they want to assign individual records in CRM to those e-mails.

What is Folder Based E-mail Tracking?

  1. In Spring Update, now users can track e-mails by folders in CRM and also assign any record to particular e-mail activity.
  2. Once sales person moves an E-mail into specific folder, an e-mail activity will be created in CRM with/without regarding based on how user has configured the mail routing.
  3. The most important benefit of this feature is that, you don’t need any additional add-in to track mail into CRM. You can directly move e-mail from either Outlook Desktop app, OWA or Mobile Phone etc. Also, if you setup a rule in your mailbox, the mails can be automatically moved into specific folder and can be tracked automatically into CRM.

Considerations for using this feature

  1. You should have Exchange Online & Server Side Synchronization should be set up in the CRM.
  2. The folder from which mails need to be tracked should be present under inbox folder.

Steps to configure

  1. Check if you have Server Side Synchronization enabled in your CRM.
  2. Create folders in Inbox folder in your mailbox.
  3. Enable Folder Based Tracking at organization level
    1. Go to Settings -> Administration -> System Settings
    2. Navigation

    3. Go to E-mail tab and check the checkbox highlighted in below image.
    4. Enable Folder Level Tracking at Org Level

  4. Configure Folder Tracking Rules for e-mails
    1. Go to personal Options
    2. Personal Settings

    3. Go to Email tab -> Configure Folder Tracking Rules
    4. Configure Folder Tracking Rules

    5. Setup the rules
    6. Configure Folder Tracking Rules - 2Note:

      1. If you keep Regarding Record in CRM blank, only e-mail activity will be created in CRM and regarding field will be blank. You can set regarding field later.
      2. In Exchange Folder, you will be able to see folders which are present in Inbox folder of your mailbox. If you have a sub folder under another sub folder, you will need to configure separate tracking rule for those individual sub folder.

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