OneNote Integration with Dynamics 365

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Want to make a dedicated OneNote notebook per Dynamics 365 record? Dynamics 365 Integration is what you need.

This integration provides you the ability to take notes in the notebook in context of Dynamics 365 record for selected entities. OneNote records can be directly accessed on the Activity wall of the record whether on web application or on the mobile apps.


  1. Server based SharePoint integration needs to be enabled between D365 and SharePoint Online. OneNote integration is only supported for SharePoint Online.
  2. Document Management is enabled for the Entity and the same is setup in Document Management under Settings in Dynamics 365.

Setting Up:

Before we begin, look that OneNote Integration won’t appear yet in Document Management under Settings since we don’t have Server-based SharePoint Integration enabled yet.

Once you’ve enabled Server-based SharePoint Integration, you’ll see OneNote Integration

Note: By default, OneNote integration will be enabled for Account, Contact, Lead and Product.

So, I’ll enable OneNote integration for one of my custom entities. Following are the steps to enable the same:

I have an entity called Order Fulfilment. On this entity, I have the usual Activity Feed as below


  1. First, the entity needs to be Document Management enabled to be able to be listed for OneNote Integration as shown in the image below on entity level.
  2. I’ll navigate to Settings > Document Management > OneNote Integration. Because Document Management has been enabled on Order Fulfilment entity, I can see Order Fulfilment
    (I’ve ticked the same and clicked on Finish)3. And DONE!

Accessing OneNote for a record

  1. Once I’ve configured this, I’ll open the Order Fulfilment record I was looking at.
  2. Once I click on it, I’ll see a Notebook has been created.
  3. And clicking on the Untitled Notebook will take me to OneNote Online for that record
    Hope this was quick and easy!

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