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Overbooking Bookable Resources in D365 PSA v3

Mircosoft D365 Project Service Automation is a product that unites technology, processes, and people together in streams such as sales, billing, resourcing and delivery in a company. Thus, a business can scale up high when they use this particular software. They can complete the project on time and within the budget as a result of using this product from Microsoft. 

Businesses can accelerate the maturity of their professional services when they use this software. Managing the project becomes easy for the management team and the project managers. Learning and using software is also pretty easy. It does not take a lot of time to master this product. 

Here are some details of how this software will help your company:

While booking resources, you often don’t pay attention to how much capacity the resource has.

Or rather, you are aware, but you want to book the resource anyway (only to change later on, which I don’t recommend.)

In that case, if you are trying to overbook a resource out of their capacity, you are treated with this message below –


Why this occurs?

This is because of the Work Hours defined for the Resource. Rather, what Work Hour Template is assigned to that resource. Now, let’s say, you are trying to book someone for 8 hours on top of their already booked 2 hours

If you switch to the Hours view, you’ll see the availability marked by white cells. Grey meaning, unavailable.

Remember, this is even said in the error message when you tried to click Book.


Of course you can do this, but you should have a very strong reason to overbook resources. 🙂

Switch to Evenly Distribute Hours to allow the resource to be booked on top of the existing one.

And this should be fine, but it will appear in red indicating that the resource is overbooked. Say, 10 hours (on top of already booked 2 hours) – exceeding the 9 hours total limit.


You should rather Propose Book the resource, this way, the booking will exist and won’t bloat the schedule board. And then, you can decide later to do something with it.

Front Load – Proposed

Now with combination of Front-Load and Proposed, you should be able to Book for only the remaining capacity


Evenly Distributed – Proposed

With Evenly Distributed Proposed, you should be able to exceed the capacity and even Propose for the full time you want.


Hope this quick tip helps! 🙂


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