Configuration of Shared shift in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations(Retail)

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A “shared shift” configuration lets retailers have a single shift across multiple registers, cash drawers, and users. A shared shift has a single starting amount and a single closing amount that are summarized across all cash drawers. Shared shifts are most typical when mobile devices are used. In this scenario, a separate cash drawer isn’t reserved for each register. Instead, all registers can share one cash drawer.

Steps to Configure:

  1. Go to Retail –> Channel setup –> POS setup –>POS profile –> Hardware profile –> Drawer –>Enable shared shift option.
  2. Go to Retail –> Workers–> Select the user and go to retail tab.
  3. Go to POS Permission and select the appropriate permission group and assign it to the user.
  4. Make sure that the  user must have “Allow manage shared shift and Allow use shared shift” permissions enabled
  5. Save the changes
  6. Go to Distribution Schedule and run the job for Register and Staff.

Note: Only one shared shift can be opened at a time in each store.

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