Enable multiple pickup delivery modes for customer orders in D365 Retail POS(Commerce )

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In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce version 10.0.16 and later, Retailers can define multiple modes of delivery that shoppers or sales associates can choose among when they create an order that will be picked up at a store. In this way, organizations can provide multiple pickup options to their shoppers.

 For example, many retailers now offer shoppers the choice of in-store pickup or curbside pickup for their orders. Commerce supports the configuration of these different pickup delivery modes. Users can then take advantage of them when they create customer orders in any supported Commerce channel (e-commerce, call center, or store).

To use this functionality, turn on the Support for multiple pickup delivery modes feature in the Feature management workspace in Commerce headquarters. After you turn on the feature, additional configuration is required.

After you turn on the Support for multiple pickup delivery modes feature, you can define multiple pickup delivery modes in the Pickup mode of delivery grid on the Modes of delivery FastTab on the Customer orders tab of the Commerce parameters page.

In store channels, if a customer order for pickup is created through the point of sale (POS) application, the sales associate is prompted to choose among the available pickup delivery modes, if any have been configured. If only one valid pickup delivery mode is available for the channel and item, the sales associate isn’t prompted to select it. Instead, the available pickup delivery mode is automatically applied to the order lines.

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