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Creating Sales Order/Sales Quote from POS in LS Central


LS Central allows us to create a Sales Order or Sales Quote directly from POS.

I will be demonstrating the same below in this blog.


  • LS Central v16+
  • Business Central OnPrem/OnCloud


Suspend Type, Sales Type (


  • Search for “Sales Type” in Business Central
  • Create a new record titled “SALES ORDER”  in it. Make sure to set the Suspend Type to Sales Order/Sales Quote as required. I am setting it to Sales Order for this example.
  • Log In to your POS with a POS Super User account and Right click on a button and go to button properties, I’m using the default “SUSPEND” button for example here.
  • Set the command to “SUSPEND” and the parameter to the “Sales Order” record you created a few moments ago.
  • Once this is done, create a new Transaction with a Customer and then click on the button. In the confirmation box, click on Yes.
  • If you check in Business Central now, you can see that a new Sales Order has been created.
  • You can also see the same from POS itself if you click on the “Sales Order” button that we created just now.


Thus we saw how to create a Sales Order/Sales Quote directly from POS.

Happy Coding!

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